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Homoeopathy for Pets

Restoring natural health for the little masters.

I have been using Homoeopathy very effectively for all animals especially pets ever since I started practice in 1977. Homeopathy is being used world over as the safest and most effective method of treating the pet animals like dogs and cats since many centuries. Just like in humans, homeopathy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from allergies to diarrhea. Homeopathy concentrates on care of the whole animal with methods that are gentle and precise to the body’s needs. It is based on the utilization of specially prepared, refined dilutions of herbs, minerals and other natural substances, and can be a great alternative treatment option for pets.

Skin diseases in pets are the most common condition for which people have brought their little friends to me and most of these skin problems get cured easily within a short span of time . The success depends on the accuracy of selection in the right remedy which suits the animal and the skin lesion. Sometimes we need to consider the character and behaviour of the animal as well to select the appropriate remedy. Homoeopathy is a holistic method in which importance is given to the character and behaviour of the individual rather than the disease. Injuries in pets is another area where Homoeopathy works wonders. It heals faster than any other method and no scar is left!. We use our tiny pills in all types of cuts,sprain,burns etc . A Vet surgeon is called for only in cases where splinters ,plasters or surgical intervention is required.Poor appetite in Pets can be easily managed with Homoeopathic remedies. I usually advice regular use of Homoeoapathic supplement remedies to ensure good appetite,thirst,good health,immunity and vitality. We can also prevent many infectious diseases if these are given periodically.As there is no side effects ,all remedies are 100% safer for them.Diarrhoea and Vomiting in Pets is a major concern for pet lovers which can be safely treated with Homoeopathy. Causes can be infections,food poisoning,inflammatory bowel diseases,cancer,Gabage Gut and many others. A well indicated Homoeopathic remedy swiftly cures this condition and brings back the animal to normal life.Arthritis in Pet animals is also a major worrying factor for their owners as conventional medicine may not give good results and many times heavy medications including steroids may be advised. But in Homoeopathy its so easy to handle such cases . Selection of a remedy depending upon the joint affected,the type of pathology and other symptoms will give 100% relief without any adverse effects. The happiest part is that these conditions do not recur again if treated Homoeopathically.Diseases of Eyes like conjunctivitis,cataract,blindness in pets can also be managed with Homoeopathy if treated symptomatically.Proper diagnosis is required in such conditions before deciding the treatment.Similarly all problems realted with Ear like infections,discharges,loss of hearing etc also yield to Homoeopathic treatment very well if treated in time and under proper guidance..

Advantages of Homoeopathy in Pets

1. Easy to administer
2. No adverse effects as there are no chemical ingredients
3. As safe as mothers milk
4. Lost vitality is regained after treatment
5. Metabolism is corrected and appetite regained
6. 90% cases can be treated by telemedicine method.
7. Easy availabaility of medicine.
8. Long shelf life of medicines
9. Same medicines as humans are used.
10.Regular use of Homoeopathic medicines give long lasting immunity in Pets.

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