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About Us

CUREWELL HOMOEO PHARMACY is the brain child of a visionary Homoeopath, Dr. V. VIJAYANAND who always dreamt a safe, natural and chemical-free treatment protocol, be it for humans or animals. Being a respectful practitioner in the society, he was compelled to prescribe for the domestic animals & birds belonging to his patients who had great faith in Homoeopathy and his efficiency.

His father-in-law Dr. Krishna Panicker was a pioneer Homoeopath in India who started practice in 1945 and had immense experience in Veterinary Homoeopathy. Years of research and development, backed up by gems of knowledge from his predecessor, equipped Dr.  Vijayanand to show his excellence in veterinary segment. During the busy medical practice period at his clinic, CureWell Homoeo Pharmacy located at Aluva which was started in 1978, he envisaged to come up with patented homoeopathic medicines for the common ailments in veterinary segment. Thus, in 1988, he introduced the Industry 1st & pioneer product KILVASSANTA, for the prevention and treatment of the deadly viral & bacterial infections which was then the nightmare among poultry farmers. Later on, further veterinary medicines for all common ailments were introduced after rigorous research & trials. All of them proved to be a boon for the farmers, even now curing numerous fatal diseases of the Poultry, Dairy, Aqua & other species segments.

In 2019 , our products were branded as HOVET. As an organisation, we are marching forward with a vision to facilitate 100% safer farm produces to the society through usage of Homoeopathic Veterinary nutrition, wellness & therapeutic products. For this we have taken the mission to empower the hardworking farmers for productivity & quality of their produce, thereby contributing to the society’s health & wellness which would be cherished over generations.

Hovet Veterinary Remedies presents effective & highly result oriented nutritional & therapeutic remedies for the Companion animals, Milch animals, Meat animals, Fish All types, Ornamental birds, Layer Birds, Meat Birds & Other species. Our products are grouped as per the nature of the care & cure required for the different veterinary species.