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Chronic respiratory disease is a slow spreading contagious disease in birds with hacking cough, sneezing and tracheal rales.

Etiology: Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Susceptible hosts: predominantly in chickens and turkeys.

Mode of transmission:

a) aerosol: droplet infection or inhalation. Nasal discharges. Wind borne transmission.

b) Contact: bird to bird transmission. Known as horizontal transmission.

c) Eggs: vertical transmission through infected eggs.


-Tracheal rales

– Sneezing

– Respiratory distress

-open beak breathing


-nasal discharge

-young birds- conjuctivitis with lachrymation

-about 40% reduction in egg production

-Signs of ataxia and lameness with enlargement of hock joint – some birds

Homoeopathic management:

Antimonium tartaricum: great rattling of mucus. Rapid, short, difficult breathing; seems as if he could suffocate. Coughing and gaping consecutively.

Belladonna: tickling, short, dry cough; worse at night. Respiration oppressed, quick, unequal. Barking cough. High piping voice. Moaning at every birth.

Arsenicum album: air passages constricted. Cough worse after midnight. Suffocative catarrh. Wheezing respiration.

Argentum nitricum: suffocative cough. Dyspnoea. Rawness, soreness, high up in trachea agg. coughing.

Sulphur: difficult respiration. Irregular breathing. Cough violent, in two or three incomplete bouts. Much rattling of mucus and heat in chest, agg 11 am.

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