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extreme heat management


Monsoon failure results in crop failure, water scarcity and shortage of food and fodder for humans and animals. Extreme heat can cause several health problems in animals. So extreme heat management is very important.


1) Practice personal water conservation.

2) Create artificial shades and install humidifiers.

3) Recognize the signs of heat stress in animals and take necessary actions.

4) Avoid physical exertion in animals or send them for grazing a long distance when it is especially hot outside.

5) Provide rest periods for working animals.

6) Provide plenty of fresh cool water for all animals to drink.

Homoeopathic Management

In hot days, Glonoin 30c is better to prevent the birds from becoming tired and fatigued and helps not to reduce the egg production and weight. In dairy animals, it is recommended to avoid exhaustion and fatigue on hot days to avoid low milk production.

Dr. Keerthi MS
BHMS Consultant

Curewell Homoeo Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.
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