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Skin is the primary organ of attack. Tissue lesions are seen as pustules in respiratory tract. Here we discuss about the homoeopathic management of fowl pox.

In affected birds- inclusion bodies are present in tissues. inclusion body is termed as bollinger bodies and particles inside inclusion bodies are known as borrel granules.


virus comes under the family pox viridae and is represented as avipox. Affected cell after death is detached from the body. such cells contain virus in alive condition. These cells are capable of infecting healthy cells easily.


Organism cannot enter the intact skin. for entry injury or broken skin is necessary. mosquitoes and flies can cause infection. infection through respiratory tract is possible.


Incubation period- 4-14 days.

Viraemic condition is seen in blood.

Virus increases the cell size, due to this changes, lesions are produced in the cells.

Pock lesions are seen in head, neck, leg and foot region.

Upper respiratory tract- diphtheric lesions

Chicken pox lesions are seen in skin.

Onset is slow.

Initial stage- pock lesions turn to pustules.

Pustules get dried and fall as a dry scab.

Scab contains organisms which are infectious in nature.

Respiratory tract lesions- starts as small pustules and subsequently merged and appears as purulent nature. These are seen in upper respiratory tract and digestive tract.

Eyes affection lead to continuous lachrymation, inappetance and difficulty in breathing.

Mortality rate is 50%.

The course of disease is for the period of 3-4 weeks.


Vit A deficiency should be differentiated.


Ant tart: when eruptions are large and slow to emerge. Chest congestion with rattling cough. Bubbly sound on breathing.

Variolinum: this remedy should be given in the commencement of the treatment.

Bryonia: if there is any fever and dry cough. Quiet and weak.

Merc sol: it can be given after the fever has left.

Pulsatilla: itching and other discomforts are worse from warmth and in stuffy rooms, improved by cool fresh air. Rarely thirsty even during fever.

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